Korg has unveiled yet another analog-based product which emphasizes portability and affordability, introducing three new units which will make up the company’s forthcoming Volca line of mini-synthesizers. The three new synths are referred to as Keys (a “lead” synth), Bass (a bass synth), and Beats (a groove box); each model has its own unique set of features and capabilities, though they’re all battery powered with built-in speakers, a loop sequencer, MIDI input, and mini-jack output. Furthermore, the units can all be synced together using a mini-jack sync connection.

The Keys model features three oscillators (tuned in unison) and the 1974 MiniKORG-700S filter, along with delay FX and a 16-step sequencer. The Bass model, whose design seems to hearken back to Roland’s classic TB-303 bass synth, utilizes similar features as Keys, but with a stronger focus on the lower end of the frequency spectrum—specifically on acid-ready bass tones. Lastly, Beats offers up a number of tweakable analog drum sounds and PCM samples to use along with its 16-step sequencer. The full details of each unit can be read here, and a video promo featuring all three machines performing in sync can be viewed below. Each Volca unit will retail for $149.99 and can be expected to hit stores in July.