As part of the company’s array of new units being rolled out for NAMM, M-Audio has unveiled the Trigger Finger Pro, an updated version of its classic workhorse controller, the Trigger Finger, which brings with it an abundance of updates, including a built-in step sequencer.

Like its predecessor, the Trigger Finger Pro comes equipped with a 4×4 grid of pads and four sliders (though the amount of rotary knobs has gone from eight to four in the controller’s new version). It appears that most every component on the Trigger Finger Pro has been enhanced with extra functionality: Its 16 pads come with RGB feedback, a new high-resolution screen has been added, and extensive expression and transport controls are also accessible from the face of the unit. Perhaps the biggest addition, though, is at the bottom of the controller, where M-Audio has included a built-in step sequencer for users.

M-Audio will package the Trigger Finger Pro with a library of sounds deemed the “M-Audio Arsenal,” offering over eight GBs of “instruments, one-shots, loops, and more.” The controller is also said to come with its own detachable, three-position metal stand. No word on the pricing and availability of the Trigger Finger Pro has surfaced yet, but more details on the new controller (and everything else M-Audio is rolling out at NAMM) can be found here.