If you consider yourself to be a true Moog nerd, we suggest you read this one while no one is around because you might come upon an uncontrollable urge to shriek or start involuntarily salivating, as the legendary Asheville-based company has announced the release of a free controller plug-in to use with its MF-105M MIDI MuRF pedal. If you’re lucky enough to own one (or two) of these beautiful pieces of gear, then be prepared to have its powers considerably expanded thanks to this DAW-friendly VST plug-in, which not only allows you to save and recall settings on the device, but also allows you to adjust an “envelope scale” (which serves as a “time multiplier” for your envelope without affecting the envelope shape), allows the user to directly control the LFO rate at all times (wobble, anyone?), and—drum roll please—allows for complete automation of every parameter and function on the MF-105M. You can download the VST MuRF controller for free here.