The masterminds at Moog have announced a new analog delay unit made to be used with the pro audio 500-Series frame, which is packaged along with what promises to be a deep-editor plug-in. Made to be used with the popular, studio-friendly power supply frame—the 500 Series, also referred to as “lunchboxes” in some circles—the unit is capable of up to 800 MS of delay, which Moog describes as “the warmest and most musical delay on the planet.” Bold claim, yes, but this is Moog we’re talking about here. Due to the small size that the 500 Series style units must adhere to, the front of the unit appears a little void of the usual array of gorgeous knobs and buttons we’ve come to expect from the Asheville-based company, but Moog promises all of the customizable power of this new unit can be found in the accompanying editor software that allows users access to the six-waveshape LFO, the switchable tap tempo/CV input, and a host of other useful features. Even better, it all can be MIDI assigned.

Moog’s 500 Series Analog Delay is set to hit stores in December. You can read up on the full details here.