Renowned synth manufacturer Moog has revealed plans to discontinue its Slim Phatty synthesizer. “Today Moog Music announces the discontinuation of the Slim Phatty Analog Synthesizer: a tabletop, poly-chainable ideation of the classic Little Phatty Analog Synthesizer,” reads an email sent out this morning. Following last year’s discontinuation of the Little Phatty synth (essentially the keyboard version of the Slim Phatty), the Asheville, North Carolina-based company appears set to continue looking ahead while it makes room for its newer synth designs, mainly the Sub Phatty and the Sub 37 units.

Built and sold by Moog for a five-year period, the company is said to continue piecing together Slim Phattys “while parts and materials remain,” but for all intents and purposes, brand-new Slim Phattys are set to become a scarce commodity in the months ahead.