Native Instruments appears ready to push its flagship Maschine production center into new territory with the introduction of the forthcoming, reimagined Maschine Studio and enhanced 2.0 software. The Maschine Studio seems to take a Maschine-on-steroids approach to its configuration, maintaining the revered features of the original unit while adding two new full-color, high-definition displays, a comprehensive edit section with multi-purpose jog wheel, and an overall larger and more robust design. Along with these more visual and physical enhancements, the Mashcine Studio will also come with Maschine’s 2.0 software, which brings an upgraded audio engine, a mixer window, five new drum-synths, and a “plug-in strip” to Maschine’s dedicated program. While the Studio will come with 2.0, existing users with the original Maschine and Maschine Micro units will be able to update their software (for a price) come November. The Maschine Studio is expected to hit stores on November 1 for a street price of around $999. In the meantime, NI’s demo video for the upcoming piece of gear can be watched below; more info is available here.