Novation has announced a new addition to the company’s long list of products with the compact MiniNova hardware synthesizer, a 37-mini-key version of Novation’s UltraNova line. Very similar in size and shape to the MicroKorg, the MiniNova is built with the same sound engine and effects found on the UltraNova, and allows access to 14 waveform shapes (sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, pulse, and combinations thereof), 36 wavetables, and 20 digital waveforms for use with the unit’s three oscillators per voice, of which there are 18. On top of some of the more expected features—dual-filter section, vocoder, and arpeggiator—the Mininova hosts some interesting bells and whistles, such as its eight “Animate” buttons—which activate separate performance functions—and a “Perform” section that allows for instant switching between six positions and four pre-assigned knobs.

From first glance, it appears the MiniNova is set to bring some new ideas to the world of compact digital synthesizers when it hits shelves this October. Below, you can watch a brief video of the synth in action, and read up on the full details here.