Combining the most sought-after features of its existing digital DJ controllers and mixers into one unit, Numark has aimed to build a comprehensive four-channel controller for DJs of all sorts with its newest product, the NS6 ($999). With the specifically developed Serato Itch software to accompany the unit, the NS6 comes equipped with the ability to utilize four digital decks from the controller, all with individual controls, including five instantly savable cue points, enhanced looping features, individual FX paths, and all the usual tools one needs to craft a body-movin’ mix such as pitch control, key lock, EQ, etc. With two non-motorized deck controllers (which operate at an impressive 3,600 ticks-per-rotation resolution), Numark’s proprietary Strip Search functionality, on-board FX, cue point, and loop controls, and the ability to select and load your digital audio tracks to the respective decks from the unit, it’s clear the aim of the NS6 is to get the DJ’s focus off the keyboard and mouse, and, instead, into the mix. And to keep it super-versatile, Numark has even gone as far as to make each of the four channels found on the mixer portion of the NS6 usable with analog devices via four phono/line inputs and two microphone inputs on the back of the unit, allowing the user to seamlessly plug in a turntable, CD player, or mic. It’s safe to say that Numark’s newest foray into the world of DJ controllers has way too many features to cover in one glossing-over, so head to the NS6 microsite to get the full specs and details.