Pioneer—whose professional-grade mixers and CDJs have stood as the club-industry standard for years now—has introduced a new, wireless DJ system, the XDJ-Aero.

Apparently intended for the “home DJ,” the freshly announced units consist of two channels worth of digital control to be used with its main feature—the ability to wirelessly play audio stored on a number of devices such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. This can be done using an existing wireless network, or if need be, the XDJ-Aero is also capable of creating its own wireless network. In addition to its Wi-Fi abilities, the XDJ-Aero can serve as a stand-alone two-channel mixer (which can be used with the more traditional CDJs and turntables) complete with the usual Pioneer FX and DJ tools, including the Beat Sync and Auto Mix features. Furthermore, DJs can also utilize the unit’s USB port to play WAV files from a USB stick on both channels of the device, and its various controls can be utilized as a MIDI controller for Traktor as well as an HID controller for other DJ softwares.

Of course, why a Wi-Fi-capable DJ system is all that necessary is a point ripe for debate, as it seems to bring about some questions regarding sound quality, the inherent issues of wireless networks, and, well, just plain laziness. It’s still however hard to argue with the fact that the XDJ-Aero does—at least technologically speaking—represent another step towards the future in the world of DJ equipment. Below, you can check a considerably ridiculous video featuring the XDJ-Aero to get a closer look at the shiny new unit.