Pioneer DJ has launched KUVO, a website and app which gives DJs the ability to broadcast real-time set lists, and fans the chance to see exactly what certain selectors are playing, whether or not they are actually on the dancefloor.

Billed as a “social platform that allows people to enjoy the nightclub experience regardless of whether they are physically in a club or not” (something that sounds almost directly opposed to the points DVS1 laid out in his recent Real Talk essay), the platform requires DJs to connect to a KUVO network gateway (pictured above)—that in turn needs to be connected to the internet—from which can be broadcast “live information about which DJs are playing and where, with real-time set lists and the ability to preview, ‘like,’ and buy tracks—all via the KUVO smartphone app and website.”

The video below gives a better idea of how KUVO is supposed to work, with the likes of Richie Hawtin and Seth Troxler helping to explain how the “vast infrastructure of networked decks” could help their’s and other DJs’ musical selections reach a wider audience. The video also stresses that KUVO—in association with the newly formed Association for Electronic Music—will also serve as a way to help artists recieve royalties when their tracks are played out. The introductory video for KUVO can be watched below, while more information can be found here.