Pioneer has a rich history in the professional DJ equipment market, of which “budget” or “entry-level” have rarely been terms associated with its products, but with a constantly growing population of mixmasters, Pioneer has produced these headphones to be affordable for the beginners with the reputation for quality that is associated with its higher-end lines. The HDJ-500s (MSRP: $125) are designed to be DJ headphones with a remarkably full and punchy bass and mid-range response, even at lower levels, so that you can keep the beat in the loudest of circumstances. Like most things Pioneer, the headphones feel solid enough to survive some serious situations. Of course, as often is the case with entry-level products, there are some compromises (some may find them a little tight around the ears), but Pioneer has put their resources in the essential qualities you would want in a DJ headphone and at an extremely reasonable price.