Pioneer has unveiled an updated version of its industry-standard CDJ-2000s, adding a load of new features for the next edition of its multiplayer products and calling it CDJ-2000nexus. Building on top of the design and tools of its club-standard counterpart, the new line of CDJs comes with an enhanced Master Tempo function, which allows for the ability to sync the speed of decks more precisely without altering the pitch (+/- 16% without artifacts) and includes a new “traffic light system” to gauge how tracks relate in terms of musical key. The CDJ-2000nexus also brings along some new looping functionality, allowing for DJs to set up auto-loop points with “Active Loop” and make use of a “Slip Mode,” which—according to the press release—”takes the risk out of using remix functions such as loop, scratch, and reverse.” And all of this can be used with the fine-tuned quantization option that can be toggled on and off with the touch of a button.

As to be expected, the CDJ-2000nexus also introduces the wireless functionality Pioneer has been so keen on pushing, as of late, which allows DJs to sync their wireless devices to the units with the help of a wireless router. You can watch a demo video of Pioneer’s next step towards the technological DJ future below, and read up on all of the details of the CDJ-2000nexus (available to purchase later this month) here.