Today, Pioneer unveiled one of its latest products, a new four-channel mixer called DJM-750. While the 750 will represent the least expensive unit in the DJM mixer line when it hits stores in June, the new piece adds a few fresh functions to its streamlined take on professional-grade Pioneer mixers like the DJM-850, 900, and 2000. In particular, a new feature known as “Boost Color FX” has been added, allowing users to change the parameters of a given effect based on the speed with which they turn the Boost Color-associated encoder. The DJM-750 also boasts 24-bit/96kHz sound capabilities, and can record mixes to an internal sound card at the same quality. Full details of the forthcoming DJM-750—which comes with an MSRP of $1199, although its street price will likely be lower—can be found here; a promo video of the mixer in action is below.