It was only a matter of time before Pioneer followed the launch of its next generation CDJ-2000nexus with a new mixer which similarly pushes the companies technology forward. Two months later, the time has come, and we now have word of the DJM-2000nexus. At the base, this new mixer is really a supercharged DJM-2000, with an extra load of new features, such as the ability to link up multiple CD-Js via a LAN connection (essentially allowing them to share audio off of one USB device) and a redesigned peak limiter said to minimize distortion while maximizing the signal. The ever-contentious “Sync Master” feature, which caused a stir with the CDJ-2000nexus, is here again, allowing DJs to essentially set a master bpm for all audio sources to match. Of course, the DJM-2000nexus also comes with all of the FX and capabilities of the original DJM-2000, including the LCD screen found in the middle of the mixer which allows for beat-slicing, sample-triggering, etc.

To see the new mixer in action, you can check out the introductory video below (be warned, this is by far the worst demo music for any piece of DJ equipment of recent memory) before the unit drops sometime later this month.