When Ableton officially announced its plans to release the next generation of Live (not to mention the company’s first hardware controller, Push) last month, one of the most alluring new features of the software was its ability to turn raw audio into MIDI data. Now, a video has surfaced previewing in detail Ableton 9‘s ability to convert rhythmic and melodic audio into MIDI. Posted by Design the Media, a certified Ableton instructor (who so far seem to be the only people to have their hands on Ableton 9’s beta version), the video shows the instructor using Ableton to extract the rhythms of a drum loop for use with a new drum kit, as well as converting a tricky melody into MIDI data to be used with a new synth. Truthfully, the video is a little dry, but the possibilities that this seamless—not to mention considerably fast—audio-to-MIDI conversion function seem to hint at are rather remarkable. Sadly, there still is not a set release date for Ableton 9, but with videos like the one below continuing to pop up, the anticipation is certianly palpable.