As part of this week’s CES conference in Las Vegas, Sennheiser has unveiled three new models of headphones. The HD6 Mix, HD7 DJ, and HD8 DJ are currently on display at CES and expected to be out sooner rather than later, with each product offering a slightly different take on the design of Sennheiser’s classic HD25 headphones. All three models come with two replaceable stereo cables (one coiled and one straight) which can be plugged into either the left or right can. Furthermore, the HD7 and HD8, which Sennheiser bills as the DJ-aimed models, feature a new flexible swivel design on each ear cup. The video below gives a brief introuction to all three models, and more detailed information can be found here. As of now, no exact pricing or release date has been revealed, but those details are expected to come in the near future.