Serato has announced that it will no longer issue updates to Scratch Live, the company’s widely popular, decade-old software which has allowed for DJs to control their digital music libraries using the traditional tools of turntables and CDJs. While Serato plans to no longer update Scratch Live (or SSL), user support for the program will be available up until 2015, which includes fixing any major bugs or compatibility issues that may occur down the line.

Serato does not plan to leave DJs completely hanging, however, and has announced that DVS (the technology which allows turntables and CDJs to control Serato) will be available in new editions of Serato DJ, which existing SSL users can upgrade to for free. Two new mixers—the Rane Sixty-Four and Pioneer DJM-900SRT—will be available starting next month, complete with the capability of utilzing DVS to control Serato DJ. In the video below, the company’s CEO, Sam Gribben, explains the reasons behind the discontinuation and lays out the timeline for converting SSL users moving forward. (via FACT)

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