With the release of his Comma Sutra EP today via Software, NYC producer Slava has elected to give away a collection of Korg ESX files which include all the samples and sequences used on his new EP, as well as much of the material used on last year’s Raw Solutions LP. With the download, Slava is encouraging fellow Electribe users (the only ones who can actually make use of the ESX files) to make the samples their own. As he points out on his website, “I’m curious too see other Electribe users remixing or simply performing these tracks.” Slava’s site will also soon host a section where Electribe users can upload and share what they’ve done with his files.

Those interested in downloading Slava’s ESX file collection can do so here. Those in need of a reminder of what all Slava can do with his own Korg Electribe ESX should check out the man’s recent Boiler Room session here.