While Sol Republic (a relative newcomer to the audio electronics game) has built a considerably solid and rich-sounding pair of headphones with its Tracks On series, the most impressive part is no doubt the price point—selling for a mere $100 at most retailers. From the design and look of these headphones, it’s clear that Sol Republic subscribes to a “less is more” ethos, choosing to keep things clean and minimal with no effort wasted on superfluous bells and whistles. And why not? These are headphones, devices that from the onset of their creation were meant to be portable, easy, and simple. Yet Sol Republic’s ideals have not made the Tracks On headphones any less comfortable, as the single cushioned headband and easily adjustable speakers yield a relaxed fit (not to mention are easily replaceable if broken or in need of upgrading).

But, of course, sound quality is king in the land of headphones, and in this price range, the Tracks On are virtually unparalleled. There’s a noticeable, but not overpowering, bump in the low-end that gives a punch and depth to the bass frequencies, while the high and mid frequencies are clear and remarkably detailed. There’s also a sort of delicateness to the sound these headphones reproduce—the music won’t blast your ear drums, but rather reveal a soft, full sonic picture that allows for a lengthy listening period before any sort of ear fatigue sets in (depending, as always, on how loud you listen). Sure, these aren’t the most amazing sounding headphones known to man. They don’t come with a resounding recommendation for use in mix down or excessively loud DJ environments, as their sound isolation may not be up to the task, but good luck finding a pair of headphones that sound and feel as good as Sol Republic’s Tracks On—and have all its key components readily interchangeable for repair or upgrade—for $100.