Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 portable synthesizer seemingly achieved cult status well before it even launched. At a recent event in New York City, the Swedish gearheads unveiled its new line of accessories, which again demonstrate the company‚Äôs dedication to thinking well outside the lines of traditional electronic music gear purveyors.

Three new accessories allow for fresh ways of physically interacting with the OP-1. Crank, Brick Shaft, and Bender, respectively, are plastic pieces that can attach to any of the OP-1’s four main control dials. The aptly named Crank provides a way to continuously turn a dial (one demo effectively turned the device into an electronic music box). Bender uses a rubber band to add tension to a given knob, and seems to be best used for pitch-shifting, while the Brick Shaft allows Lego Technic gears and wheels to be attached to the OP-1’s knobs, allowing for what may be the most creative approach to automation we’ve ever seen.

A much-requested bag for the OP-1 also made its public debut. Designed by like-minded Swedish company Unit Portables, the OP-1 case is modular, able to be integrated with Unit Portables’ similarly styled laptop bag. The bag’s strap can double as a “guitar” strap for the OP-1 (in conjunction with the new connection kit), and its internal compartment is also lined with memory foam, which should ensure that your $849 synth stays safe in transit.

Finally, a new OP-1 OS has been made available, as well. It adds compatibility with the accessories, a completely new (and graphically superb) filter effect called NITRO!, and the first introduction of the Ableton Live integration.