It’s been another busy week in the world of gear and production news with Dave Smith introducing the Mopho SE analog synth and Zoom unveiling the latest in its notably affordable line of high-quality field recorders. In addition to updates on both of those new products, the latest This Week in Music Tech takes a peak around Mumdance’s studio (spoiler alert: he has a lot of keyboards) and watches German duo Exercise One build a track in 10 minutes using a tabletop full of hardware.

Dave Smith Instruments unveiled a new monophonic analog synth this week, the Mopho SE. Utiliizing much of the same sound-generating and manipulating features in the company’s compact Mopho unit, the Mopho SE expands on its predecessors abilities with a 44-note keyboard, a sophisticated arpeggiator, and a 16×4 step sequencer. The Mopho SE is expected to begin shipping by the end of this month, with its price tag likely to come in just below $1000. The forthcoming synth’s full specs can be found here.

Zoom, a company who in recent years has become well known for making high-quality and affordable field recorders, unveiled its newest handheld device, the Zoom H6, this week. Coming with switchable X-Y and MS pattern stereo mics, the H6 features six tracks worth of simultaneous recording, four mic/line inputs, built-in effects (such as filtering, compression, and limiting of signals), and, well, a whole lot more. Best yet, the H6 is currently retailing for $399. The brief intro video above shows off many of the new unit’s features, and its full specs can be checked out here.

As a companion to the 909 tutorial London producer Mumdance shared back in July, FACT TV also took some time to take a tour of the adventurous producer’s studio, a place filled with a number of sought-after hardware synths and a few choice rhythm machines. After showing off a bit of his 909 skills in the video above, Mumdance gives a brief explanation as to how he uses each of the highly desirable pieces spread throughout his home studio.

Hardware-obsessed German duo Exercise One is the latest outfit to take on FACT TV‘s Against the Clock challenge, utilizing a table full or gear—including a few Elektron pieces and an SH-101—to create a track in 10 minutes. Furthermore, the outfit goes into detail about how each piece is being used in the production as they build it, providing some helpful insight into how to craft live techno using many pieces of interconnected hardware.