We offer views inside the studios of Jonwayne and Moderat, take a look at Pioneer’s CDJ-900NXS, check out Yocto’s 808 clone kit, get a first look at Roger Linn’s LinnStrument and the DSI Prophet 12 module, and much more in the latest This Week in Music Tech. Oh yeah, and Ableton Live 9.1 is finally here.

A full release of Live 9.1 has arrived, and all Ableton users have rejoiced. Offering dual-monitor support and a whole bunch of other bug fixes and upgrades, existing Ableton users can upgrade now by heading here.

In the latest edition of our In the Studio series, we visited Stones Throw rapper/producer Jonwayne to take a look around his impressive bedroom studio and chat about recording his latest LP, Rap Album One. Our complete interview and picture set with the young, prolific talent can be found here.

Following a few months after the release of II, the aptly titled second studio album from Moderat, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian “Charlie” Szary (a.k.a. Modeselektor) discussed the making of the record in a detailed video produced by the Future Music website/magazine. The extremely informative—albeit a little slow—30-minute video can be watched above.

Pioneer unveiled the CDJ-900NXS this week, essentially molding together the company’s existing CDJ-900 media players with its top-of-the-line CDJ-2000 Nexus units. Set to hit US stores in January, the 900NXS offers a slew of new features including a considerably recharged looping section. The demo video above demonstrates many of these new features, and more info on the CDJ-900NXS can be found here.

The internet was abuzz this week with talk of Yocto’s 808 clone kit, which offers DIY gear builders a chance to make their own 808 drum machine (or at least something very, very close) for a price point that is much lower than what the fabled rhythm boxes currently go for. Those interested in getting more information and ordering a kit of their own should head here.

A Kickstarter campaign is underway for Palette—a new modular/lego-type approach to building one’s own controller. The USB powered devices can be added together to create multi-purpose controllers for any software and provide a variety of dials, sliders, and buttons, allowing one to create their own device. To get more details and contribute to Palette’s recently launched Kickstarter, head here.

Cubase has released a free plug-in to use with the program and the Leap Motion controller (or any “depth cameras developed using the Intel perceptual technology SDK 2013”), and it allows users to control aspects of Cubase using only their hand gestures. Deemed the Cubase iC Air, the plug-in—when used with Cubase 7—can adjust and control a host of parameters using only one’s hands in the air. For more information on how the plug-in works and to download it for free, head here.

New York production duo Prism House has release a new sample pack of high-quality sounds. The pack is said to consist “largely of industrial-sounding percussion hits and unique found sounds” recorded in a Brooklyn loft and is available to download for free here.

And lastly, famed gear designer Roger Linn is currently working on something called the LinnStrument, and Dave Smith is working to make a module version of his Prophet 12 synth. Both are featured above in what is an almost unfairly brief teaser of the two projects, which we are hoping to find out more about (specifically when they might be available) someday soon.