It’s that time again, when XLR8R gathers up the most essential bits of gear-related news and downloads. This week we’ve got the word on two new pieces from Keith McMillen Instruments, some iPad-related goodness, and a pair of extensive free sample banks from techno producer and noted sonic explorer Legowelt.

Keith McMillen and his many toys:

– Earlier this week we shared our in-depth conversation with the decades-experienced electronic instrument designer Keith McMillen (pictured above) to learn more about his latest creation, the “3-D multi-touch” QuNeo controller. You can read the full interview here.

– Yesterday, Keith McMillen Instruments showed off a brand-new product still in production, the QuNexus. The proposed mini-controller appears to have lots of useful features, not the least of which is its ability to take and send MIDI, USB, and CV signals (not to mention serve as a CV-to-MIDI converter). To get the project off the ground, the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign, seeking to raise $20,000 for the development and prodcution of the unit. You can watch a video detailing all the cool things the QuNexus will do below.

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Some more developments in mobile audio production:

– The audio software developers at Audulus released a modular iPad app earlier this week, allowing users to build their own patches with a number of modules and create snythesizers and signal processors within one’s tablet while utilizing real-time, low-latency processing. You can watch a quick video explaining how the app works (although you do have to sit through some pretty deplorable music) below, and grab it from the iTunes store for the agreeable price of $9.99.

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– Imageline released an update to the iOS version of its popular Fruity Loops program. The video below details the new features and the upgrade, which is free for current iOS users with FL Studio Mobile, can be found in the iTunes store.

Legowelt wants you to have some of his synth sounds:

– Dutch techno producer and connoisseur of exotic and sought-after production hardware Legowelt shared a new sample pack earlier this week, gathering up 300 WAV files culled from the depths of his vintage Korg Mono/Poly analog synth. Although, technically, the sample pack can be downloaded for free, Leogwelt has encouraged downloaders to help pad the funds of his PayPal account if they enjoy the plethora of sounds he has to offer. You can donate to the man here, grab the Mono/Poly sample bank here, and if you happened to miss it a few months back, pick up a similarly in-depth sample bank of Legowelt’s Juno-106 here.