We’ve got an updated free download of Legowelt’s hi-quality synth sample pack, a peek into the synths used on Benjamin Damage’s new EP, Max Cooper discussing his work with the 4D Soundsystem, a look at a beautiful collection of classic drum machines, and more in the latest This Week in Music Tech.

Earlier this week, prolific Dutch producer Legowelt shared a new sample pack containing 350 samples (in WAV format) custom-made using his Roland JD-800 synth. Shortly after the initial post went live, the link appeared to no longer work, likely due to a high volume of curious tunesmiths attempting to download the folder. Now, the link appears to be repaired and ready to dish out Legowelt’s comprehensive sample pack. The full ZIP file can be downloaded for free here, or directly from Legowelt’s site, here.

For the first edition of our new Singled Out feature, XLR8R tapped Berlin transplant Benjamin Damage to reveal the layers of Juno synths hidden in “Nebula,” a hypnotic cut from his new EP for 50Weapons. In the article, Damage breaks down the process and equipment which yielded the lush pad sounds used in his track, offering readers a chance to hear and download the sonic elements separate from the rest of the production. The full piece can be read here.

Earlier this week, the Asheville-based Moogfest festival announced the launch of a DIY circuit bending competition, which offers festival passes and new Moog synths to its three winning contestants. Those ready to take on the challenge have until midnight of February 23, 2014 to turn in their submission. The full set of rules, details, and instructions for submitting to the Fourth Annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge can be found here.

London-based producer Max Cooper has spent some time working with the Amsterdam team behind the 4D Soundsystem, which allows for detailed placement of sounds in a three-dimensional sonic field. Using a custom-made program to spatially design how his tracks are presented, Cooper put together a number of performances using the 4D Soundsystem, and took a few minutes to explain to DJ TechTools how it all works, which can be seen in the video above. Further information and more specific examples of how Cooper’s music is used within the system can be found here.

Drum machine enthusiast Joe Mansfield is in the midst of prepping a new picture book of his entire collection of rare and sought-after rhythm boxes entitled Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession, but before the book lands on December 3, an extensive slideshow of his collection—including pieces like the one seen above—is now available to oggle over. Sure, it’s basically drum-machine porn, but since when has that ever been a bad thing? The full collection of photos can be drooled over here.

And lastly, at the end of next week, submissions are due for the XLR8R-sponsored Ghostpoet remix contest, with its three winners set to have their reworks cut onto one-off dubplates by London vinyl manufacturing plant The Carvery. Full details can be found here.