Though it may have been a short week for those of us residing Stateside, there was plenty to keep curious producers and gear nerds entertained. Again, we’ve rounded up the best bits from the past seven days in the latest This Week in Music Tech—checking out the studios of Matias Aguayo, Daedelus, and Archie Pelago, watching Addison Groove make a beat in under 10 minutes, checking out a free drum-sequencing iPad app from Nord, and learning the truth behind the legendary MPC swing from Roger Linn himself in the process.

In the second edition of our ongoing From Studio to Stage series of pictoral features and comprehensive interviews, we visited Matias Aguayo‘s Berlin studio to discuss how the longstanding electronic music innovator successfully navigates between production and live performance. The full article can be read here.

The latest tunesmith to take on FACT TV‘s Against the Clock challenge is UK producer Addison Groove, who pieces together a rather solid tune in just under 10 minutes while letting us watch the whole thing go down..

Earlier this week, Nord unveiled Beat 2, a free drum-sequencing iPad app made to work with the company’s Drum 2 synthesizer (as displayed in the video above). Thankfully, it can also be used with any MIDI-capable device. The new app is currently availible to download via iTunes.

Following just behind its recent podcast for Resident Advisor, Archie Pelago offered a view of its Brooklyn studio/rehearsal space to Attack Magazine, highlighting the controllers, hardware, and acoustic instruments which contribute to the outfit’s unqiue sound. The full article can be read here.

Though its title suggests that this video may have been filmed sometime last year, this brief tour of SoCal producer Daedelus‘ Culver City digs for Scion A/V just appeared on the internet this week. Old or new, the five-and-a-half minutes spent with the longstanding LA tunesmith proves to be an eye-opening experience.

Earlier this week, Attack Magazine set out to uncover the truth about the fabled swing impressed on drums programmed on an MPC, sharing an insightful exchange with the inventor of the legendary sampler himself, Roger Linn, who details what exactly makes the MPC’s swing do what it does. The full interview can be read here.