With Native Instruments teasing a new soft synth, Arturia bringing the Minimoog to the iPad, Novation introducing the Launchpad app, Cubase 7 offering a free demo, the MPC updating its software, and MK showing us how he uses the Maschine in his studio, it’s been a busy week in the world of gear. Get all caught up with the action in the latest edition of This Week in Music Tech.

Cubase 7 offers a full 30-day trial and Akai updates its MPC software:

– Perhaps a bit lost in the shadow of Ableton’s impending Live 9 release—which is set to happen next Tuesday, in case you forgot—software developer Steinberg is offering full 30-day trials of its powerful Cubase 7 DAW for free. To try out the recently redesigned program, head here.

– Earlier this week, Akai updated its MPC software, releasing Version 1.3, which features major improvements to the mixer, plug-in, and editor functions as well as bug fixes. The video above covers all that is new with the 1.3 software, which for current MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio users is available to download for free here.

The Minimoog synth and Launchpad controller, now in iPad form:

– Earlier this week, Arturia reworked its highly regarded, Minimoog-modelling VST plug-in, the Mini-V, into a $10 iPad app, deemed the iMini. Those who looking to have the (approximate) sound of a classic ’70s analog synth on their handheld device should head to the iTunes store to download the app.

– Made in the likeness of the company’s popular hardware controller of the same name, Novation has released the Launchpad App for the iPad. Best part is, it is available for the agreeable price of absolutely free and can be grabbed from the iTunes store now.

A new synth tease, a review, and an MK video from Native Instruments:

– Above is Native Instruments‘ teaser video for its new softsynth, which the company touts is the result of “years of meticulous research and the latest in cutting-edge DSP technology combine to deliver a virtual synth with teeth.” Further audio samples of the upcoming and as-yet-unnamed synth can be heard here.

– Last week, NI unveiled the Traktor DJ app for the iPad, and this week we broke down the good and bad, the ins and outs, and everything else you need to know about the new product in our latest gear review. You can read the whole piece here.

– From the looks of the above video, pioneering house producer and remixer Marc Kinchen (a.k.a. MK) appears to really like his Maschine. NI recently caught up with Kinchen in his studio as he walked them through the ways he uses Maschine and Traktor to help make his tracks and patented dub mixes.