In the latest edition of our weekly round-up, we watch London mainstay Roska make a beat in his home studio, check out updated products from Pioneer and KRK, dig into the unique MTRX-8 hardware sequencer, and check in on the long-developing Bitwig DAW. From boutique gear nerds to beginners in the world of DJing and production, we’ve got something for everyone in the latest This Week in Music Tech.

Veteran UK producer Roska was the latest to step up to FACT TV‘s Against the Clock challenge, using Logic to build a beat in his home studio in under 10 minutes.

On Thursday, Pioneer announced the forthcoming release of the DDJ-WeGo2, an updated edition of its consumer-aimed DJ controller which works with the iPad or iPhone. The new version of the compact, portable controller will be available in October for an estimated price of $429. In the meantime, a video explaining the unit’s features can be seen above.

Boutique French instrument designer Julien Fayard has unveiled the forthcoming MTRX-8, a hardware sequencer that boasts eight steps of sequencing power (with four seperate presets which allow it to become a 32-step sequencer), a hi-resolution rotary encoder, and plenty of other smart and useful features unique to this piece of hardware. Essentially, the unit appears to be one of a kind, and best yet, it’s set to hit the market at a cool €199 when it begins shipping on September 10 via Fayard’s Fyrd Instruments company. The walkthrough video above gives a good idea of what the unit is capable of, and those interested in learning more are encourage to head over to Create Digital Music to read an explanation of the MTRX-8’s features from the designer himself.

Speaker brand KRK has announced the upcoming release of the third generation for its Rokit series of studio monitors, the appropriately branded Rokit G3 speakers. In a press release sent out this week, KRK boasts that the new generation of speakers “achieves outstanding dynamics” and uses a “unique tuning process that treats the woofer, cabinet, and port as a single, integrated whole [which] provides extreme vocal clarity with extended bass response”—though the announcement comes with little in the way of specific technical information. The Rokit G3 speakers are expected to begin hitting stores next week.

Though it has been on its way for some time now—frustratingly so for many who have followed its development—the team behind the Bitwig DAW software teased the program again this week, floating a new video onto the web that shows off the extensive modulation capabilities the program (which appears to have a striking similarity to Ableton Live) plans to include. A video demonstration can be viewed above, and again, we advise those interested in learning more head to Create Digtial Music, where the video and possibilities of Bitwig are broken down in-depth.