The time has come to again gather up the most relevant bits of gear and production news for the week. Today, we peer into the production techniques of Ghostly beatmaker Shigeto, forward-thinking UK producer Untold, and NYC analog wizard Gavin Russom. We also take time to check out TouchAble2, an update to the popular iPad control app for Ableton which is on its way soon.

The latest edition of our ongoing In the Studio series brought us to the Rivertown neighborhood of Detroit, where we visited Zach Saginaw (a.k.a. Shigeto) and took a look around the man’s gorgeous studio space. We talked about gear, playing instruments live, and the production process behind Saginaw’s new album for Ghostly, the XLR8R Pick’d
No Better Time Than Now LP. Our full interview and picture set with Shigeto can be found here.

Forward-thinking producer and Hemlock label boss Jack Dunning (a.k.a. Untold) recently stopped by Dubspot‘s NYC campus to highlight the inner workings of his creative process, revealing that the uncommon production software Reaper and Native Instruments’ Massive are some of his main tools.

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DFA mainstay Gavin Russom recently took part in a Brian Eno-inspired EP commissioned by Self-Titled Magazine, for which producers were enlisted to use only Moog gear to create a new tracks. A new video showing Russom manipulating a table full of hardware as he builds his contribution to the EP, “In Our Streets,” has shed some new light on the man’s creative process.

The popular Ableton Live control app for iPad, TouchAble, teased video of TouchAble 2, an updated version of the comprehensive wireless control software. The update, which is said to be “coming soon,” will be free to download for existing users and brings with it updates such as the ability to edit notes, create sequences, play melodic patterns, and draw one’s own controls right onto the app.

In the latest edition of Point Blank‘s ongoing 9 Lives of Ableton 9 (get it?!?) video tutorial series, instructor Anthony Chapman lays out the basics of importing and manipulating audio in Live. If viewers can ignore the unfortunately poor quality of the music being worked on, the tutorial should actually prove quite useful for Ableton beginners or those hoping to brush up on the fundamentals of the program. The rest of the series can be watched here.