Produced by Ableton, a new documentary takes an in-depth look at 4DSOUND, a mobile sound system which features a three-dimensional grid of 48 speakers. The short film explores the concept and technology behind 4DSOUND—which is said to “allow a musician to position and fluidly move sounds spatially”—by focusing on German producer Stimming‘s planning and interaction with the system prior to a performance in an Amsterdam performance space where the system was previously located (the system will also be returning to Amsterdam for the upcoming ADE festival later this month). In addition, the documentary discusses the project with 4DSound founder Paul Oomen, who further illuminates the abilities of the system. In a second video, 4DSound Creative Developer Salvador Breed explains how Max and Max for Live are used to let artists control the spatial locations of their audio within the 48-speaker grid.

Both videos can be watched in full below, where Stimming’s resulting performance can also be streamed and downloaded in full (Ableton recommends using headphones to listen to the binaural recording).