NYC synth wizard and DFA stalwart Gavin Russom recently took part in a Brian Eno-inspired EP commissioned by Self-Titled Magazine, for which producers could only use Moog gear to create a brand-new track. Along with Laurel Halo and Brenmar, Russom was given one of Eno’s famed Oblique Strategy cards and set loose in his studio. Now, video has surfaced of Russom detailing his creative process, including how he used Moog’s analog gear to build his driving track “In Our Streets.” The short piece, filmed by Crystal Ark cohort Viva Ruiz, shows how Russom routes a hi-hat pattern from his MPC 2000 through Moog’s MIDI-Murf and Ring Modulator pedals to create a dynamic and changing percussion element. He also pairs a Yamaha DX-7 FM synth with two Moog Slim Phattys to create a layered lead that evolves throughout the duration of the track. The entire video, as well as a free download of Russom’s track, can be checked out here, courtesy of Synthtopia.