News flash: Soundsystems are important! It seems like a simple fact, but still one that is so often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of party promoting and club nights. The subject is discussed further in this video from the folks behind Croatia’s Dimensions Festival, as we get a chance to hear a bit of the frustrations and joys inherent across the entire spectrum of soundsystem reinforcement from three men—Mala, Carl Craig, and Midland—who have seen their share of it all. While the notable producers don’t necessarily break new ground with their talking points, they do touch on a few important—though not so obvious—aspects, such as the importance of quality monitoring and the fact that bad sound and technical issues can take an artist completely out of his performance. Considering all three of these men will be descending on the Croatian coast next month for this year’s edition of Dimensions, you can rest assured the festival will definitely be coming correct when it comes to its own soundsystems.