Though Live 9 and the Push controller have been around for a good portion of 2013 already (our review of the music-making tools can be found here), it’s unlikely that everyone has had enough time to dive deep into every feature and intricacy that Ableton‘s new units have to offer. Thankfully, Detroit house/techno icon and experienced music teacher Mike Huckaby has just shared a lengthy video giving would-be producers some keen insight into using Live 9, as well as some of his general production tips. “Production is really no more than a matter of interesting frequencies in different frequency ranges,” says Huckaby at the start of his 90-minute session, before launching into an in-depth tutorial which covers topics like streamlining workflow, converting audio to MIDI, optimizing remix work, and plenty of others. He even opens the floor to receive questions from the audience. The whole piece makes for an informative and inspiring masterclass that will likely prove useful for production newbies and veterans alike.