Beginning with the strum of a banjo—yes, a banjo—and an iPhone app, veteran production duo Mouse on Mars takes on the challenge of building a beat in just 10 minutes, a task that proves all the more fun to watch given the pair does so while operating the many controls and sonic toys found in its immaculate studio space. But the banjo and iPhone are just the first building blocks for the duo of sonic experimentalists as they try their luck with FACT TV‘s Against the Clock challenge, looking to a number of softsynths, outboard FX, and even the voice of one camera operator to build the skeleton of a track. Though the two producers mostly speak to each other in German, it is still relatively easy to get the hang of what they are doing in the moment, and watching Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner frantically manipulate and run around their giant analog mixing desk just makes it all the more interesting. The full video can be watched below.