The Westone 4 ($449) is not only the world’s first three-way, four-driver, universal-fit in-ear monitor, but also a refinement of the company’s many accomplished balanced armature earphones, resulting in an uncolored soundstage that could be both the first and last word at its price point. With two bass drivers, one mid-range, and one high-frequency driver per ear, the Westone 4 delivers vividly articulated tonality integrated fluidly. Details extend dynamically from airy to throaty. First and foremost, however, energy is accurate. Bass is tight, not subwoofer force, yet it offers enough for the huskiest low-end fiends. On the opposite spectrum, grain and hiss are undetectable. I can’t heap enough hyperbole on how unexaggerated these earphones are, efficient whether amped or right from the headphone jack. Presentation is excited, but uncongested. Short of custom-fit monitors twice the price, an active producer won’t find more textural clarity and intimacy for on-the-go mix auditioning. And the broad fit kit, contoured housing, and braided cable assure an unobtrusive feel throughout lengthy listening sessions.