Freshly launched Berlin label Deep Moves’ next release comes from an anonymous producer who has elected to simply go by the name E. One of three original tracks to appear on the forthcoming 00/000/0000 EP (which also features a remix from Parisian producer Shlømo), “000” fits well into Deep Moves’ growing catalog. A methodical techno production, the track utilizes small bits of static-laden percussion, but it is still far from an abrasive effort. Above its mechanical rhythms “000” presents a series of lush chords which loosely hang atop the track’s chugging four-on-the-floor (which is further fueled by a series of airy snare rolls that freely move around the stereo field). Remaining behind a veil of secrecy, E may not want us to know exactly who he is, but with “000” as our first taste, it seems clear that the anonymous producer knows what he’s doing. E’s 00/000/0000 EP is out in vinyl form on September 15; in the meantime, the upcoming record can be previewed after the jump.