The two Dublin producers of Terriers, Peter Ward and Ronan Downing cheekily describe their sound as “afterhours haus,” though it’s a surprisingly apt descriptor for the outfit’s minimal, atmospheric brand of house music. Sticking to sounds with a bit of dirt around the edges, their arrangements have the natural flow of tracks made live on hardware, not unlike a smattering of artists pumping out tracks for US labels like L.I.E.S. and 100% Silk. On “13/13,” a new tune taken from Terriers’ upcoming Baku EP, a noisy, rumbling intro eventually makes way for a stolid kick and faded, wavering synth melody. A distant vocal sample and fluttering synth flourish occasionally punctuate the rhythm, but Terriers seems less concerned with individual parts, focusing its interest on capturing that ever-elusive “vibe”—and “13/13” has it in spades.