A static-laden slice of peak-time house morphs into a funhouse of blips and swiveling synth stabs on this tune from Delect, a newly formed collaboration between electro-house veterans Chris de Luca and Leonard de Leonard. Out on Wednesday via the Berlin-based Leonizer imprint, “15Mid” revolves on a gyrating four-to-the-floor axis that constantly threatens to spin out of control, seemingly held into place by knee-buckling kick drums and an effortless cycle of tension-building crescendos and breakdowns. It certainly has a seething undercurrent of rave nostalgia in its veins, splashed with a dab of Ibiza-ready appeal for heated, peak-time play in big rooms. Delect’s Love Songs EP is a four-track take-no-prisoners approach to mainstream and underground dance music, the rest of which you can check out, along with a music video for the title track, after the jump.


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