Escapism Refuge is preparing for the release of his debut LP Hold with a double-A single: “Drifting” and “Misfit.”

Hailing from South Africa, Jason Beukes has cultivated a large following through his crafting of ambient, electronic soundscapes. Jason’s affinity with rhythm was revealed when he began playing the drums at 13, and a passion for textured beats was ignited which saw the young musician delve into production. The young virtuoso fuses elements of trip-hop, downtempo. and 2 step.

“Drifting” sees Zeb Samuels’ pronounced vocals woven within Jason’s intricate, electronic textures; while “Misfit” complements its precursor by providing a more upbeat, charged ambiance.

Ahead of the album’s November 10 release, you can grab “Misfit” via the WeTransfer button below.