Some may remember the duo Rae & Christian from its time spent in the late ’90s exploring hybrid sounds which combined soul, funk, hip-hop, and downtempo electronics into records like the pair’s well-received debut LP, Northern Sulphuric Soul. Recently, Rae & Christian resurfaced with a new album for Night Time Stories (a freshly launched sub-label of the Late Night Tales series), and while that record may not exactly fit within the XLR8R cannon, this rework of lead single “1975” from budding London tunesmith Bearcubs certainly does. The soul-drenched “dub” remix tucks bits of pot-and-pan percussion and sly vocal twists underneath a steady stream of warm chords and rolling low end, landing it somewhere along the spectrum between Mount Kimbie’s more tender moments and Bondax’s mellower summer escapades.

1975 (Bearcubs Dub)