Cosmo Vitelli (pictured above) is no stranger to staying busy. The Frenchman made his mark as a seemingly tireless house and disco DJ/producer in the late-’90s before—amongst many other musical endeavours—going on to launch his own imprint, I’m a Cliché, and, years later in 2010, form the Bot’Ox outfit with the help of Julien Briffaz. Earlier this week, the Bot’Ox project released an EP built around a twisted bit of synth-funk called “2.4.1,” which arrived in its original form accompanied by four remixes—including this one from Vitelli himself. On his rework, the off-kilter funk of “2.4.1” gets reshaped into a dark, elongated house track which offers up pockets of melody and pitched-down vocals as it makes its way to the dancefloor through piles of gorgeous synths. After giving Vitelli’s remix a whirl, you can stream the entire 2.4.1 EP via the player embedded after the jump.

2.4.1 (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)