At this point in the game, you can pretty much do whatever you want. We mean at least two things by that. One: As long as you’re far enough off most of the world’s radar, any sample you nab is pretty much fair game, and no one will give you any guff about it. Two: You can treat those samples in any way you like, and there will most likely be some sub-group of music lovers that’ll be into it. Case in point: this rework of ’90s R&B duo K-Ci & Jo Jo’s “Tell Me it’s Real” by hard-to-pin-down bedroom producer Wise Blood. The tunesmith chops a couple hooks from the original song, pitch-shifts some parts, adds a sparse beat and a slow-moving synth melody, goes nuts on the sampler, and voila!—song. Don’t get us wrong, we’re totally digging “2 the Bitter End,” which is taken from a free EP curated by the Heart Music Group. Wise Blood has definitely made something fresh and original out of his arsenal of soulful samples. It’s just still a bit crazy that this is what comprises a lot of music these days. It makes us wonder what’s next on the horizon.

Download the rest of The Tribe EP, which also features songs from Baths, Coolrunnings, and more, here.

2 the Bitter End (K-Ci & Jo Jo Rework)