After learning news of Sacramento producer Lee Bannon‘s signing to Ninja Tune earlier this month (an announcement that also brought with it a free EP), we now get the first tase of his forthcoming LP for the label in “216.” Set to drop on December 9, Bannon’s Alternate / Endings album appears primed to bring an impressive set of dark, twisted beats from the enigmatic producer. “216” leads the charge as a rough-around-the-edges slice of brooding, bass-infused beat work in which solemn piano notes are placed next to a ceaseless barrage of heavy, drum & bass-indebted rhythms. It’s hard to tell if Bannon is trying to get this track to lift off or is deliberately making it crash down, but either way, the California producer sounds like he’s not interested in keeping his tunes earthbound. The tracklist and artwork for the upcoming Alternate / Endings LP can be perused after the jump.

01 Resorectah
02 NW/WB
03 Prime/Decent
04 Shoot Out The Stars And Win
05 Bent/Sequence
06 Phoebe Cates
07 216
08 Perfect/Division
09 Value 10
10 Cold/Melt
11 Readly/Available
12 Eternal/Attack