While we wait patiently for the first official release from their Nite Funk side-project (remember when we made that excellent collaboration happen?), a remix of Nite Jewel‘s forthcoming single for the Mexican Summer label by Dâm-Funk will just have to suffice. The LA tunesmiths’ sounds mesh well together on this version of “It Goes Through Your Head”; the galactic-boogie maestro’s deep, analog synth hooks work with the single’s original drum-machine rhythms, fleshing out a thick groove, over which the bedroom diva’s understated voice floats undisturbed. Nevertheless, this jam is obviously a Funk-centric production, as the prolific artist lengthens Nite Jewel’s song by about two minutes to make room for his spacey keytar riffs while Nite Jewel takes a vocal break. (via Gorilla vs. Bear)

It Goes Through Your Head (Dam-Funk Clubdub)