For his next LP, longstanding Stockholm-based producer Andreas Tilliander (a.k.a. TM404, among many other monikers) has traded his glitch-manifesting computer for an enviable amount of vintage Roland sequencers—spreading a couple of MC-202s and 606s, a 707, an 808, and four 303s album wide. “303/303/303/606″—composed of the machines that the title suggests and recorded live in a single take—is a slow-moving acid piece, with subtly introduced textures and layers added throughout its bleak six minutes. The track is part of a larger, self-titled release, where each track differentiates itself with different pairings of various hardware. Though the release of TM404 is right around the corner (coming February 4 via Kontra Musik), you can quench your thirst for more of Tilliander’s analog sounds right now by watching a live production of “303/303/303/303/606,” another track from the album, after the jump (go here for an awe-inducing, high-resolution version).

303 303 303 606