30/70 will soon release a new album on Bradley Zero‘s Rhythm Section, Elevate.

30/70 are the latest collective to emerge from Melbourne’s buzzing scene. Lovingly referred to as a community rather an band, 30/70 at it’s core, is a quintet made up of Allysha Joy, Ziggy Henry, Thhomas & Jarrod that swells up to an 11-piece ensemble as and when the music calls for it.

The sound is a cosmic melange of boom-bap dynamics, neo-soul harmonies, and jazz-funk licks, all steeped in a deep spiritual tradition reaching from Alice Coltrane to Kamasi Washington.

Despite their influences from across the Pacific, the 30/70 sound is unmistakably from Melbourne. The band came of age in the wake of Melbourne’s soul scene hitting global success, a local phenomenon which shone a light on the Northside community and paved the way for a new generation of bands to take this sound and make it their own. Melbourne’s isolation is a blessing in disguise. It results in a pressure cooker of talent; a tight-knit, well-practiced network of musicians who’ve put in the hours, paid their dues and are ready to explode into the wider global consciousness. 30/70 are leading the pack with their latest offering, working closely with Paul Bender of Hiatus Kaiyote and Jamil Zacharia to produce this album.

This collection, their second studio effort after debut album Cold Radish Coma, is set to “elevate them to the international stage,” the label explains.


A1. Slangin
A2. Lucid
A3. Nu Spring
A4. Breaking (For This World To Change)
B1. Misrepresented
B2. Get To Me
B3. Steady Hazin
B4. Takin Me Back

Elevate will land on October 27 with “Slangin” available for download below.