Last month, 30drop released The Time of Cruel Miracles, a 16-track album with remixes from Substance, Architectural, Rivet, and Zero Mass.

The basis of the 30drop project is ‘Solaris,’ the 1961 novel by Stanislav Lem, and this specific quote from the book: “I did not know what achievements, what mockery, even what tortures awaited me. I knew nothing, and I persisted in the faith that the time of cruel miracles was not past.” The album was devised from this quote, fictiously looking at the mental challenges that humans would have to overcome in future encounters with beings from other civilizations that are capable of interacting with us in a way totally unthinkable so far.

The music on the album was conceived as a story-telling whole—the tracks have also been crafted with the dancefloor in mind, think stripped-down rhythms, sweeping pads, and hypnotically bleeping sequences.

You can pick up The Time of Cruel Miracles via Juno, with LP cut “Beyond Language” available as a free download via WeTransfer below.

Beyond Language