This may come as a bit of a surprise, but the joint Matias Aguayo- and Gary Pimiento-run Cómeme label has yet to put out a full-length in its two-plus years of existence. But all that’s about to change, with Mexican producer Rebolledo set to release a proper album on October 24, appropriately titled Super Vato (artwork above). “Canivalón” is the first cut to surface from the forthcoming LP, and one that seems to fit the Cómeme aesthetic perfectly, with its brooding techno low end, layers of percussion, and dizzying loops of Rebolledo’s (somewhat incomprehensible) vocals. The results are almost tribal, and even a little darker than what we’re used to hearing from Rebolledo, but it’s a welcome stretch of range, and one we’re hoping he has time to fully explore given the full-length format.