This deep house-leaning track from Londoner Bambarra arrives as a remix of a forthcoming collaborative single from fellow UK producer Error Operator (pictured above) and Brooklyn vocalist ShadowBox, called “33,000ft.” Bambarra’s bonus version boasts a banging beat and some party-ready vibes in its rich production, but the soulful vocals are at its heart just as they are in the original. Harmonious and layered, the melodies from ShadowBox are the glue of the track. In some areas, they are chopped and turned into little blips of sound, but in other areas, they’re permitted to float to the top of the mix and shimmer like those of a ’70s diva. “33,000ft”‘s soundscape has been transformed to fit the club, a departure from the original’s goal of being an ode to laidback electronic music. Error Operator’s and ShadowBox’s new single will be released on October 8, complete with a remix from Henry Krinkle, via earFOOD.

33,000ft feat. ShadowBox (Bambarra Remix)

33000ft feat ShadowBox (Bambarra Remix)