German composer Nils Frahm (pictured above) broke his thumb, a tradegy for anyone, but particularly for a pianist. In response, Frahm composed a nine-track “mini album” with his remaining functional nine fingers, and called it Screws after the four screws he now has in his thumb. Despite the horror story, Screws, which is available for free download, is about as mellow as it comes, with simple piano melodies slowly and quietly floating in the air like clouds. Argentina-based artist Plasma Rüby offered us his take on “Si,” where he added a bit of electronics into the mix while maintaining the serenity of Frahm’s original. This track will be offered as a part of a package of remixes inspired by Screws, which will also be available for free download via Frahm’s website on December 3, the same day Frahm’s mini-album will be officially released via Erased Tapes.

Sï (Plasma Rüby Remix)

Si (Plasma Ruby Remix)