If you’re at all familiar with Olso juke patron Slick Shoota (pictured above), then you’ll be suprised to hear his new house-leaning remix for fellow Norwegian producer Lindstrøm. Though “Rà-àkõ-st” was already released as a 12″ earlier this summer, Slick Shoota’s remix (not to mention Lemonade’s version of “?g-g?d-?sis”) appears before Lindstrøm’s second LP of 2012, Smalhans (out November 5 via Smalltown Supersound). Slick Shoota’s take on the track is, as anticipated, faster and more energetic than Lindstrøm’s melodic space-disco vibes; rather than furthering the ’80s sounds, the remixer evokes the sould of the ’90s with hypnotic minor chord stabs and deep, ravey bass tones.

Ra-ako-st (Slick Shoota House Remix)